Heartworm Infections in Cats

December 4th, 2007

Heartgard for KittiesCats like many other mammals are prone to disease and infection, such as heartworm (dirofilaria immitis). Heartworm is not typical in cats, but is more comonly infectious in dogs. In cats, when the heartworm larvae develops in the heart, it is likely to move to other parts of the body. It can even be found in the cats brain. Heartworms have a maxium life in a cat of three years.

Its important to get your cat treated immediatly once you find out about a heartworm infection. Heartworm is best treated when it is just a larva. If it is in the adult stage, then it must be treated with an arsenic-based compound. Cats are far more sensitive to arsenic then dogs are. Then when the adult heartworms are killed, then the larva must be finished off and elimitated.

Heartgard for cats is prescription based since careful precations must be taken before giving it to your cat. Once you obtain a prescription you can buy heartgard for cats at a resonable price.

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Heargard (ivermectin)

December 4th, 2007

entirelypets_1979_1263039434.jpegHeartgard for Cats up to 5 lbs (6 Month)($22.50) $20.99

entirelypets_1979_1263517065.jpegHeartgard for cats 5 to 15 lbs (6 Month)($22.50) $20.99